Dab Hand Crafts

See how each product is constructed from scratch.

Debbie learned from a book. So can you! Order Aunt Philly's guide to making toothbrush rugs.

These are sturdy, sturdy rugs. Machine wash them with your regular detergent, throw them in the dryer, do as you please -- they can take it. You could even iron them if you want, but that might be a little weird...

Remember: every rug is reversible. Before you wash it, flip it over and use the other side.

No animals were harmed in the making of these products. Unless Debbie counts. In which case, sometimes she hurts herself with the scraping tool (see above, on how the corkboards are made).

The only fossil fuel burned was the gas in the minivan that drove to many a fabric store and dark alley to get old window frames. But usually she walks, which pretty much offsets that minivan mileage.

On a more serious note, old sheets from thrift stores are used in rug constructions. Both the corks and the window frames surrounding them were most likely making their way to a sad life in a landfill before Debbie rescued them. (Don't worry, she doesn't dumpster dive - she has connections.)

If you are a restaurant or bar looking to divert some of your wine corks from the waste stream, be sure to sign up for cork collection.

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Sarah has been doing well since recovering from Ewing's Sarcoma all those years ago. She just ran a marathon and is currently settling down to life as an elementary school teacher.