Dab Hand Crafts
How dabhand Corkboards Are Made

  • Find old window frames. Remove glass, if necessary. (Got window frames?)

  • Remove glaze or wood strips used to hold glass in place with a heat gun, chisel, or oscillating multitool. Remove flaking paint by same means.
    (Editor's note: Debbie loves to use ridiculously long words like "oscillating multitool." The more syllables, the better.)

  • Sand, sand, sand until smooth.

  • Remove excess dust. Refinish with sanding sealer and lacquer sealer, applying at least 3 coats with sanding in between.

  • Add foamboard backing, cut to size.

  • Add corks.
    Little known fact: no two corks are exactly the same size. Each must be placed and re-placed until all fit snugly between the wood frames. No corks are cut to fit, but broken corks will be used if received. (Got corks?)

  • Once the right design is found, white glue the corks in place.
  • Add hanging hardware on back. Burn dabhand logo on back or side of frame.
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