Dab Hand Crafts

Southern California Cancer Hospital

"In 2001, my daughter Sarah was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. Luckily, she received treatment from the City of Hope, an outstanding cancer hospital in Duarte, California.

Selling these items is a small way for me to continue to send my thanks to such a great hospital."
-- Debbie Breech

When a purchase is made from dabhandcrafts, each customer is asked to write two checks -- one made out to Debbie to cover the cost of shipping, and another to the City of Hope directly. It is the policy of the City of Hope to send an appreciation letter upon receipt of all donations, including relevant information on tax deductions.

The City of Hope has helped several families just like Debbie's and continues to remain on the forefront of cancer research. You are highly encouraged to learn more at the City of Hope website.

*Please note that neither Debbie Breech nor the dabhandcrafts domain are official affiliates or partners of the City of Hope. The hospital name is mentioned here as a show of gratitude, but should not be considered an endorsement or guarantee on behalf of the City of Hope as pertaining to activities or transactions that may occur on this site.